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Janus - A brief musical history

In The Begining.........

JANUS, the UK's legendary synth soloist & composer. His epic new UFO trilogy works out now.Live "Roswell & Beyond" spectacular shows based on these works begin July 2002...

Following his formative musical years with Oscar winning composer and keyboards supremo,Vangelis, Janus went on to carve his own unique style of electronic music by way of sound,light & laser shows,litterally immersing the audiences into his musical concepts.Now,after some five years in production,he has unleashed another ground-breaking milestone in the shape of the UFO trilogy CDs "Roswell","S.E.T.I." and "Flying Saucers".

Currently taking the global UFO community by storm with the release of these works,the wheels that were set in motion at the begining of this recorded work for that of an equally mind-blowing series of live spectaculars based on them,is also nearly upon us.

In collaboration with BUFORA (the British UFO Research Association),Janus appeared as guest speaker & presenter at this years opening lectures in London.In addition to discussing the background research and musical creation of his UFO trilogy works,JANUS premiered part of a specially produced film,created specifically to be projected as a giant visual backdrop to his forthcoming "Roswell & Beyond" concerts.

As ever, with the latest planned live shows,much of the usual stunning visual details that Janus unleashes on the audience has been kept firmly underwarps.Aside from the amazing new film footage shown for the first time recently,news from the Janus camp can inform you that he has recently reunited and been brainstorming plans with one of his original special f/x lighting designers, Mike Heggett(formerly also to such artists as Pink Floyd and Brian Eno).

In a recent interview in "Quest For Knowledge" magazine,Janus was asked what the driving force was behind his music, he said: "You firstly have to ask,why do people listen to music?..It is because we want to deliberately alter the way we feel.To feel happy, reflective,spiritual,empowered,whatever.I believe music is the greatest key we have to change things,on a personal and on a much wider scale.For my part,by combining the musical and visual technology I am lucky to have at my disposal today,and be able to create environments for people,as well as myself,to take their own voyages of discovery,is for me the greatest reward there is".

Janus' wide spectrum of recorded works continue to accompany many radio, film and television programmes around the world. Currently in the pipeline is the DVD release of Janus' Roswell concerts and rare video footage and interviews dating back to the 1980's up to date.

If you're new to the Janus experience, a very big welcome.Climb aboard,we know you're going to enjoy the ride!